Here's How To Get Every Item in ACNH

Villager Making DIYs

How Do I Get More Stuff?!

I often see this question, and it's a valid one. ACNH doesn't make it easy to gather all those adorable items that perfectly match your robot princess swampcore island theme.

I'm here to break it down and list all the ways you can maximize your collection of furniture, clothes, and DIY recipes. For some of these techniques, it will be beneficial if you understand cataloging and its details, which you can learn more about on this page.

  1. Island Exploits The name might suggest something more ominous, but I promise it's not—just a bit laborious. These daily activities can help you snag new DIY recipes. Some of these methods might be familiar, but others could be new to you:

    1. Check your beach daily for a message in a bottle containing a DIY recipe.
    2. Visit islands with Kapp'n, where you'll find DIY recipes in bottles. This can only be done once a day.
    3. Check in with your villagers to see if they're crafting; you can get up to three DIYs this way. This is easier if you're okay with time traveling.
    4. Two trees on your island will be hiding furniture, find them by shaking your trees! What you find will always be two random furniture items and can appear on almost any tree, anywhere on your island (except fruit trees).
    5. Shoot down balloons with your slingshot.
  2. Shopping With Vendors Every day at 5 AM, the inventory in each shop rotates, offering you a fresh selection of items, clothing, and furniture.

    1. Nook's Cranny - In its upgraded form, Nook's Cranny sells five pieces of furniture: three larger items, one of which is always a high-value luxury item, and two smaller items.
    2. Nook Stop Nook Shopping - Accessed via the ABD, this shop offers two furniture items, various clothing, and a K.K. Slider song for sale.
    3. Able Sisters - While they don't sell furniture, you can expand your virtual closet with their wide range of clothing, and effectively keep flexing on 'em while hunting for furniture.
    4. Kicks - Like the Able Sisters, Kicks doesn't sell furniture but offers backpacks, socks, and footwear on random days of the week.
    5. Saharah - If you see a camel sauntering around your island, it's Saharah. She sells rugs, wallpaper, and flooring and visits on random days.
  3. Completing Tasks for Rewards

    1. Gulliver - As annoying as he may be, Gulliver will reward you with exclusive items for completing his tasks. These rewards will be mailed to you the next day. Check out this video tutorial on how to help Gulliver.
    2. Fishing and Bug Tourneys - Flick and CJ host fishing and bug tournaments at certain times of the year. In these tournaments, you'll catch critters for points, which can be exchanged for unique furniture.
    3. Wisp the Ghost - Throughout the year, on random nights, you may encounter Wisp, a floating ghost. He'll ask you to collect his scattered spirits, and if you do, he'll reward you with either an expensive item or a new item!
  1. Treasure Islands Treasure Islands exist where players create custom islands for other players to find specific items. However, these islands are often crowded and may experience lag. Navigating them can be time-consuming, and there's no guarantee they'll have what you're looking for. They can be useful if you enjoy the challenge of searching for the right island with your desired items.

  2. Nookmart With Nookmart, you can conveniently purchase every single item in the game and have them delivered to your beaches in less than 5 minutes. Our staff is available 24/7 to deliver any and every item your heart desires. (Yes, even items to complement your robot princess swampcore island.) Nookmart is perfect for players who want to enjoy the game casually, without dealing with loading times, travel delays, island wait times, or the grind of searching for items. Looking for inspiration? Whether you're just looking to buy Nook Miles Tickets to go hunt for villagers and furniture or you're wanting us to drop off all 61 items needed to complete your 50s Pool Party aesthetic, we've got what you're looking for. Need theme packs? Check out our collections here.

ACNH is a blast once you've figured out how to collect new items, furniture, clothing, and materials that suit your style. I hope this guide helps you out and gets you even more hooked on playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons!