Frequenty Asked Questions

1) How do I purchase a villager from Nookmart?

The first step is to make sure you have an open plot on your island for the villager to move in from the Nookmart staff's island. Don't know if you have an open plot? Read through this guide to kick a villager out or have them move out for an empty plot: Villager Moveout Guide. Once this step is complete order a villager through our website. You will receive your Dodo Code automatically on your Order Confirmation page once we've prepared the island. Fly to the island to meet one of the Nookmart staff, where you will be directed to the villager you ordered. Speak with the villager to invite them to your island! The whole process usually takes less than 15 minutes.

1. Make sure you have an open plot for a new villager on your island.

2. Make sure you have 6 or more villagers already on your island.

3. Purchase the villager you want through Nookmart.

4. Travel to our island using the Dodo Code that will be dislayed on the Order Confirmation page.

5. Follow our staff to the villager, where you will speak to them.

6. Ask the villager to "Come live on my island!".

7. Leave the island through the airport.

2) How does the payment process work?

We offer many ways to pay including all major credit and debit cards, Cash App, and even cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin). With the exception of Cash App, all payments are automatic meaning once they're received and you see the order confirmation screen we're on our way to your island. All credit and debit card payments are encrypted and secured, and your private information is not accessible to even Nookmart. If you'd like to pay another way (we don't accept ingame items) just send us a message in our livechat.

3) How do Island Visits work and are there rules?

We will send you a Dodo Code via email or you can get it through the live chat after purchase. Island Visits range from 1 player to 4 players depending on the package purchased. Do NOT share the Dodo Code we sent you with more players than allowed on the island. If you purchase a 4 Player Island Visit, and 5 players show up we will close down the Island and rehost it. Take your time getting all the items, but please do not AFK. Note that bigger islands may take longer to get all the included items. If you're curious how much time it takes for a particular island, ask our staff through our Live Chat in the lower right hand corner!

1. Set aside time for an Island Visit.

2. Purchase the Island Visit of your choice through Nookmart.

3. Travel to our island using the Dodo Code that will be dislayed on the Order Confirmation page.

4. You may share the Dodo with up to as many "Players" are allowed for the Island Visit purchased.

5. Take your time collecting, cataloging, and exploring the island!

6. Leave the island through the airport.

4) I ordered a collection with custom tiles, how do I get them in-game?

Don't fear! Take the following steps so you can recreate the item set in the picture.

1. Have both Able Sisters' tailor shop and Island Designer unlocked.

2. Head over to the Custom Design Portal in Able Sisters's shop.

3. Select "Access the kiosk".

4. Search by Creator ID and type in the code (can be found under the collection description).

5. Save the custom designs you want and overwrite your empty Design Patterns.

6. Start constructing with custom tiles in Island Designer!

5) What is "cataloging" and how do Catalog Island and Clothing Catalog Island work?

Most items in game can be repurchased from Nook Shopping with Bells after being picked up once in-game. So if you want to have a massive catalog of items that you can rebuy as many times as you want these islands are a cheap and effective way to collect everything! Simply do the following on any catalog island to add them to your in-game catalog!

1. Pick up a bunch of items.

2. Drop all items off in roughly the same area.

3. Repeat until you've done it with everything on the island!

6) What should I do while I wait for my items?

You can hunt for bugs, sit by the airport patiently, or do whatever. Just don't turn your device off until we've arrived. We will drop the items off in neat stacks outside the airport if you are not physically present. So just sit back and relax and we'll be over soon.

7) How long does delivery take?

For orders of less than 40 items we almost always deliver in under 15 minutes, often much faster. However, bigger orders can take a bit longer as our staff have to source the individual items. Even the biggest order possible of 480 items will generally be completed within an hour. If there was an issue with your order you will receive an automatic email.

8) Why can't delivery staff connect and where are my items?

The most common problem that may delay your order is related to WiFi. Try giving us your Dodo Code on a stable WiFi network. Mobile hotspots and poor connections will not allow us to visit your island. We'll always refund in the event none of our staff can connect!

9) I can't see the livechat? Help!

If the livechat is not showing up for some reason, please just email us at [email protected] to communicate with us. This will connect you to the Nookmart team so we can assist you in the exact same way our livechat does.

10) Why when I ordered Bells did I get Golden Nuggets or Crowns?

In order to save time during the delivery process we deliver Golden Nuggets and Crowns instead of Bells. By selling to Timmy and Tommy inside the store you will get 300,000 Bells per Crown or per 30 Golden Nuggets!

11) Can you help me identify or find the perfect item for my island?

Yes! We're all very experienced players and are happy to help you identify items and find them on our store. Use our Live Chat in the lower right hand corner and send us the room you're trying to recreate, an item you're looking for, or other inquiries and we'll be happy to help.

12) Does Nookmart have affiliates or a sponsorship program?

Yes we do! If you have a large enough audience on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform we offer incredibly lucrative opportunities for promotion. Please email [email protected] for further information.

13) Can I work for Nookmart?

Our team is currently full. We'll update this question with more details if something opens up!