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🦃 The holidays are here in ACNH! 🎄 🚚 Our average delivery speed is only 3 minutes! 📦 We're always open 24/7, meaning right now! 🤔 Have a question or comment? Start a live chat with us. 🔍 Use the search to find ANY item or villager quickly.

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About Nookmart

The best way to buy Nook Miles Tickets or to buy Bells in Animal Crossing. We truly offer it all! You can buy villagers, furniture, and other items thanks to our trusted team of New Horizons veterans. We're like Tom Nook's vault of treasures! If you're asking yourself how to buy New Horizons Bells we're your answer.

How Nookmart Works

1) Open Your Island Gates

In-game navigate to your airport and speak with Orville. Select the following dialogue prompts:

"I want visitors" → "Via online play" → "Roger!" → "Invite via Dodo Code™" → "The more the merrier!" → "Yeah, invite anyone"

You will receive a 5 character Dodo Code. Write it down. If you forgot it you can always go back to the airport and ask Orville.

How to get a Dodo Code Animal Crossing

2) Place Your Order on Nookmart

Choose from a large catalogue of items and sets here at Nookmart. Please note that each delivery may require multiple trips from your assigned delivery staff. If you wish to have more items delivered you can do so in a new delivery. Villagers and Island visits will have a Dodo Code displayed on your Order Confirmation page automatically once it's ready.

Buy Bells and Nook Miles Tickets New Horizons

3) We Deliver Your Order in 15 Minutes

You can meet our delivery staff on the deck of the airport, but it is not required. If you are not present, our staff will drop the items in neat stacks outside of the airport, and then leave. You are free to close your gates after all items have been delivered and our staff have made their final trip. Enjoy your new things!

Nookmart 15 Minute Delivery
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What We Offer

Buy Bells Animal Crossing New Horizons

One of the hardest parts of New Horizons is finding a quick and cheap way to get Bells in Animal Crossing. Nookmart has you covered so you can pay off your debt to Tom Nook!

Buy Items Animal Crossing

Whether to find Villagers or hunt for rare insects and fish, Nook Miles Tickets are a very critical part of the game. We offer a variety of different packages all delivered straight to your island!

Buy DIYS New Horizons

DIY recipes offer access to some of the rarest and most sought after items in Animal Crossing. Through Nookmart you can order individual DIY recipes or DIY packages, all delivered in minutes.