The Summoning Circle of Doom

Summoning Circle in Action

There is a little-known effect that can be created in New Horizons. By pairing the Magic-Circle Flooring and the Candles Wall, and turning off the lights, the floor pattern will emit bright green rays, accompanied by strange sounds. Both items can be obtained from Sahara's Co-Op on Harv's Island for 3,600 Bells each. Both items were added to New Horizons in the free 2.0.0 Update.

Here is a clip of the effect in action (spoiler alert).

How To Do This

You'll need to get your hands on the items required to recreate this effect:

  1. Magic-Circle Flooring
  2. Candles Wall

...add in some gyroids into a circle for extra weirdness.

Finally, flip off the lights. 👻