I Think Aliens Are Trying To Abduct You

New Horizons Player at Fruit Farm

Bird? Plane? Terrifying Visuals Late At Night?

Your island is being watched.

You read that right. Whether you're a veteran ACNH player or just beginning your island journey, there's something lurking that you might need to know about.

On Saturdays, and only on Saturdays, at 3:33 a.m., you can receive an alien broadcast. You'll need to have a television inside your home. If you meet these conditions, you'll be visited by an eerie alien shape on your TV that's trying to say something. There has been a lot of confusion about what the alien is trying to communicate. Check out the article below; no one knows exactly what it's saying, but there's speculation that the alien is trying to talk about its spaceship.

This isn't the first time Animal Crossing has paid homage to people's interest in extraterrestrial life. In previous games, there were achievements for helping Gulliver repair his UFO. Unfortunately, no rewards are given for experiencing this event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It's just a spooky little Easter egg for you late-night players to enjoy. 👽