How To Get Nook Miles Tickets in New Horizons

Nook Miles Tickets in Inventory

In the sunny realm of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, where the ocean breeze tickles your virtual nose and Tom Nook reigns supreme, there's one coveted commodity that can unlock a world of adventure: Nook Miles Tickets. NMTs are the gateway to new and unexplored islands that hold treasures and secrets untold! We're going to uncover all the ways to get Nook Miles so you can exchange them for Tickets at Resident Services and get you on your way to the airport where you too can travel to far away islands in search of the dream villagers or resources your island desperately needs. Let's dive in, shall we?

  1. Daily Nook Stop Rewards: Earning Nook Miles through the Nook Stop terminal is straightforward but requires consistent engagement. By interacting with the terminal daily, you receive Nook Miles based on your consecutive visits. Initially, you'll earn 50 miles per day, with this amount gradually increasing to a maximum of 300 miles per day if you can maintain your streak of visits. Additionally, the Nook Stop is where you'll exchange your hard-earned Nook Miles for Tickets, conveniently located inside Resident Services.

  2. Nook Miles+/Daily Tasks: After unlocking your character's house, you gain access to daily tasks through the Nook Miles App on your Nook Phone under 'Nook Miles+'. Completing these tasks earns you Nook Miles. The tasks are relatively simple, ranging from harvesting rocks to chatting with villagers, to more involved activities like customizing items or selling Hot Items at Nook's Cranny. With proper inventory management and ensuring you have the necessary tools on hand, you can become a Nook Miles Daily Task Pro, earning between 8,000 to 10,000 Nook Miles per hour. It requires some skill, but that's part of the fun!

Here's a detailed video on Daily Tasks!

  1. Completing Stamp Cards/Earning Passport Titles: Stamp Cards are achievements designed to reward the natural progression of the game's plot. Each achieved milestone grants a unique Title Keyword and a set amount of Nook Miles, with increasing rewards for consecutive milestone achievements. For example, the 'Island Togetherness' stamp rewards you with 3000 Nook Miles when you speak with all the residents of your island every day for 50 consecutive days. Completing these tasks requires time and effort but also yields substantial Nook Miles to go towards your tickets. Stamp Cards offer a variety of tasks to suit different playstyles, so there's always something for everyone to do.

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And there we have it folks, whether you choose to earn Nook Miles through traditional methods or opt for the convenience of online shopping, the journey to exploring new islands and meeting new villagers is ultimately yours to embark upon. So, grab your tickets, hop on a plane, and let the adventures in Animal Crossing: New Horizons continue!