Brewster: An ACNH Legend

Brewstoid on Shelf

Calling All Coffee Lovers... and Pigeon Enthusiasts!

Hands up if you adore coffee or have a soft spot for pigeons. Did you raise your hand? Great, you're in the right place! Today, I'm letting you in on a little-known gem in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

After downloading the 2.0 update, you unlocked the perk of being able to have a charming coffee shop nestled inside your museum. Meet Brewster and his cozy café, The Roost. Before he can set up shop, you'll need to tick off a few tasks in the museum and around your island. But that ain't why we're here!

The real treasure? The coveted Brewstoid! This adorable gyroid, shaped like our favorite coffee-slinging pigeon, is just one of the delightful gifts Brewster has up his sleeve. There's actually 8 different items that Brewster gives to your player as a reward for shopping small. Curious about the rest? Keep reading. I'll reveal all the goodies Brewster offers for your loyal coffee patronage. Just sip enough of his special brews, and these treasures are yours!

Three Cups

Brewster will reward you with the ability to take coffee to go.

Five Cups

You'll unlock a DIY recipe called Roost Sable Cookie. The recipe requires 1 Flour and 2 Sugar.

Ten Cups

Coffee Beans! There are 5 different variations of this exclusive item: Original Blend, Mocha, Kilimanjaro, Blue Mountain, and Decaf.

Fifteen Cups

A Cup with Saucer item will be given to your player. It features a little icon of Brewster on the side—too cute!

Twenty Cups

Brewster gives you a Coffee Plant. There are no other variations of this item, and it is exclusive to this event.

Thirty Cups

After 30 cups, you'll receive a Siphon, a furniture item used to brew coffee beans.

Forty Cups

A Pro Coffee Grinder is the next item Brewster will gift you. It cannot be varied, but it is the perfect addition to your at-home café.

Fifty Cups

Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for! After downing 50 cups with Brewster, he will award you a Brewstoid. This highly sought-after item can only be obtained in the game by enjoying 50 cups of coffee with Brewster.

Note: Chugging multiple cups of coffee per day from Brewster won't speed up your path to prizes—each visit only counts once per in-game day. So pace yourself, coffee lover!

And it's not just about the goodies! As you indulge in more of Brewster's brews, you'll notice a change in his demeanor. His greetings will become warmer, and he'll start to treat you like his favorite regular.

Check out this video to hear what the Brewstoid sounds like and see the dialogue when Brewster gives it to you: